Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tiny Tatting

These tiny miniature doilies measure about 1.25 inches in diameter. They were made as part of my Christmas present to a couple of my very dear friends. The thread I used is 100 weight - that's half the thickness of normal sewing thread. The pattern is called "Spring Blossom" and comes from a little booklet I bought from Jon Yusoff - she makes some lovely designs. The booklet is called "Tatted Snowflakes Collection". If you would like to see more of her work, here is the link to her blog.


Jon is away on holiday in the UK at present, but when she returns she will be putting all the information about her patterns back on her blog.

Here is another of her designs called "Sweet Rose" which I made earlier. The first photo shows it as originally designed, made with 50wt sewing thread. I added a few extra picots to the second one, which is made with 100wt sewing thread.


Susan said...

G'day best buddy. No need to say I love your tatting!! Thankyou sooooooo much for such a wonderful gift.

cockerina said...

how wonderful! they are absolutely just perfect, a rarity for the dolls' houses! I have a friend who works tatting, but so little I've ever seen!
brava! and welcome to the blogosphere, I'm Caterina from Italy!
kisses and a Happy New Year!

Bev said...

Hi Susan, glad you liked my little gift, I enjoyed making it for you. Welcome Caterina, I enjoy making tiny things, the tinier the better! Thanks for your kind comments, they are much appreciated.

Linda Carswell said...

What amazingly beautiful work, just spectacular!!! What a wonderful talent you have Bev.
Thanks for calling by my blog and leaving a comment, so nice to meet you,
Regards, Linda

Bev said...

Thanks for your kind comments Linda, as I'm sure you will understand, this is an obsession! I have only been tatting a little over 12 months, but I have done a lot of miniature needlework in the past and my goal from the start was to work smaller and finer - I love a challenge! I like to design things too so I'm starting to do that with the tatting as well. Welcome to my little blog, I hope you will enjoy seeing my creations.

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Whaow! I can't believe you are able to do such amazing work with such fine thread. Welcome to blogland! I will be seeing what you come up with next!! Best wishes from Ireland, Carol :)

Bev said...

Hi Carol, thank-you for joining my blog and for your lovely welcome. I am enjoying blogland, there are so many nice people out there and wonderful things to see. I hope to have more photos of tiny tatting to share in the coming months.