Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Tiny Tatting

I promised I would show some more of my tiny tatting, so here it is.
This is a little dressing table set in a variegated 50wt thread, my original design, which I'm calling the Serenade Doily Set. Each tiny doily is tatted with a single thread, and I used split rings to transition between the rounds.
This is the same set worked in a white 100wt thread - it's a little smaller and finer.

I have just entered the 25 motif Challenge on this blog.


The idea is that you tat 25 motifs within a year. I'm going to start by tatting some more miniature doilies. I have three so far - that's the Serenade set, and Jon's Spring Blossom and Sweet Rose designs. I am working on number four at the moment so keep an eye out for it!


Vanessa said...

This is beautiful. I've never seen tatting done in thread as fine as this.

Bev said...

Thank-you Vanessa, since starting doing the tiny tatting I have found a few more mad people like myself, but not very many! I love doing tiny fine work.

God's Kid said...

Those are all gorgeous! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This post very much caught my eye, and I was reminded of Althea Crome of 'Bugknits' who has videos on the internet showing her knitting using impossibly small needles (wire?). You are in a very select group of needleworkers! Not many of us could deal with those tiny implements and fine thread. I 'm very impressed with your work! Although I have a dollhouse featuring tatted items, my thread size was 50 or 30.

One of the delightful things I discovered about tatting was that you can use a normal size shuttle to tat with fine thread . However, I don't often tat with threads finer than 80, so I admire your expertise and your delicate designs. These are beautiful pieces.

Welcome to the 25-Motif Challenge! I hope you're not affected by the flooding.

Bev said...

I know Althea - in fact she was a member of a chat group I used to moderate - I have followed her progress since she first went on a quest to knit smaller and smaller. Her needles are surgical steel wire - I knit with them too. I have only been tatting for 2 years, but I have been a miniature knitter for 15 years. Althea is an amazingly talented artist - I couldn't stand to do all the colour changes she does with her miniature knitting, sewing in the ends would send me bananas! When I knit in miniature I mostly tend to do lace rather than coloured work.

Thanks for your kind words Kathy, and yes, I do use a normal sized shuttle - but I have also recently had some mini shuttles made especially for me but I haven't tried them out yet - more on that in another post.

I'm enjoying the 25-Motif Challenge, it's very interesting to see what other people are tatting.

Most of the floods are far to the north of me, I'm thankful not to be in one of the areas affected, but I feel for everyone who is.