Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some more things I made recently - these combine my two newest obsessions - beading and tatting!

These little shuttle shaped keyfobs were beaded using square stitch. I designed and made them as small gifts for members of my tatting class at my local U3A (that's University of the 3rd Age). I made them about a month ago, but of course I couldn't show them until I was sure the recipients had unwrapped them at Christmas.
They were given with a little poem which I made up and printed on a card:

Gentle tatter, know you this
Tatting brings such peaceful bliss
So tat a little every day
It will help to keep the blues away
Attach this shuttle to bag or keys
To remind you to take your tatting - please!


Fox said...

Very cool idea! Pretty!
Fox : )

Bev said...

Thank-you Fox, I'm sure the idea is not original - there must be someone out there who has done this before. But I designed them myself and created the little poem to go with them. I actually made about 17 of them in all but I only showed a few in the photos. Everyone loved them!